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The Merchants of Wakefield comprise a variety of more than 20 unique businesses offering shopping, dining, and services, within the relaxed setting of an historic walking district.

Saugatucket RiverThere is so much to do in downtown Wakefield.  Take a walk along the Saugatucket River Path and enjoy the serene tranquility of the water.  Walk along the historic buildings and browse the many shops and their offerings.  Enjoy a casual meal as you spend time with friends both old and new.

Bike PathOur village hosts a beautiful stop along South County's William C. O'Neill Bike Path, one of the premiere paths in the North East. The path was formerly called, and is still frequently referred to as the South County Bike Path. Presently, the path is 6 miles in length but when completed, it will be approximately 8 miles. From the Kingston train station, the path follows the easement of the old Narragansett Pier Railroad passing through many small villages and encounters some of the most brilliant scenery around.  Stop in Wakefield for a drink and a bite to eat.